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Zhongshan OZG Lighting Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and production of home, hotel, office and commercial lighting products. The company has a number of senior lighting product development and production management elite. Constantly beyond the self, is our entrepreneurial spirit, the manufacture of high-quality lighting products is our principle of existence.

OZG Lighting create the first of home lighting intelligent dimming market, breaking the monopoly of foreign brands. Good lighting out, fully reflects our professional level in product development, but also reflects our understanding of the lighting and care for the user.

In addition to the light of understanding and beyond, we also made a breakthrough success in lighting product modeling, complete the integration of independent research and design consultant for the Italy, have introduced: sunflowers, China dragon, the sun, and a variety of classic works.

Brand image: novel, unique, simple, fashion

Products: personality, health, science and technology, energy saving