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LED industry "big fish eat small fish" technology development
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The 3 days of the 2014 China (Jiangmen) green light Expo 21 closing date for confusion, so the LED industry, how to market situation at present, the industry development of Jiangmen where the target is, what are the new trend of the industry development will be in the future?

The reporter understands, because industry "phenomenon serious, resulting in elevated" LED industry overcapacity and fierce competition, let the market will usher in rapid reshuffle, the future is expected to have more small businesses out of the market. With the development of LED technology, the future of the industry will not only focus on traditional lighting field, and will be networked to plant lighting, material technology and other aspects of development.

Will usher in the "fish" game

In October 19th, financial famous people leaves wingceltis after attending the LED industry forum speech said, LED industry will also usher in the era of mergers and acquisitions, and in which to grow up.

Ye Tan said, her mastery of the data display, last year China has hundreds of enterprises to realize the merger and reorganization, and the next few years will be the key year China merger and reorganization of enterprises.

Refer to the LED industry, she thinks, the development of enterprises, but also can’t escape this economic phenomenon, although there are many LED enterprises, but will usher in a fierce shuffle, through the inter industry merger and reorganization "fish" of the game, I believe the future of LED industry also left dozens like Foxconn enterprise.

High technology will be the trend of development

In the light of this Jiangmen Bo conference, some manufacturers have started to display the LED industry development of the latest technology, including the future of LED lighting in plant lighting the use of the Internet of things, and the era of "Lifi" network.

This reporter learned that, in addition to the traditional lighting, LED industry in the future will also provide new technology transformation, including plant lighting etc.. Reportedly, at present Jiangmen existing enterprises start to this new technology application, in Yunnan began to use plant lighting cultivation of rare medicinal materials.

According to the briefing, the sun light is light, but light wavelength of different plants need is not the same, a lot of light is wasted, and the plant lighting is according to the light waves of different plants need most, select the appropriate light irradiation, so as to promote the growth of. With the breakthrough of technology, the future will plant lighting factory production, has become a new trend of development of LED lighting.

And the "Lifi" network is the LED industry another new field, "Lifi" is also called visible light communication, is the use of LED lighting to transmit information, as long as the light reaches the place, there are the Lifi signal, for people to free access to the internet. Lifi like WiFi, but better than WiFi more convenient, as long as there is LED lighting, is equivalent to a router to send information.